All things you might need to know...

Yo! my name is Lindsey and this is my online zine.

Thanks so much for visiting, you've probably noticed it's kinda magical here.

(For more info about me, check out my FAQ.)

About the site:

I have always wanted to create a magazine dedicated to all the things I love..

Luna Unicorn has grown from that idea like a shiny jelly bean at the beginning of an awesome beanstalk of wonder.-

It features-

  • Simple lists (because I freaking love lists) of lovely things and links to people I admire.
I always find lists interesting, because you never know where you'll find your next obsession. From lists of favourite TV shows to watch on rainy days, to fictional shoes you need to own.. I think I make at least 5 lists a day, so why not share the knowledge (and the links)!

  • Ways to celebrate and educate.
I'm pretty vocal on being the most magical you can be, but just in case you weren't sure how I feel on the subject I've written some easy guides that help me be more unicorn. I've also written some neat little nuggets of knowledge about all kind of topics because I'm one of those sharing into the internet kinda gals.

  • Grrl inspired self love essays.
Why the heck not love yourself. It's much more wonderful to be the person you want to be and have the love you think you deserve. I write about it a whole lot.

  • Interviews with important and eloquent voices
Being someones hero is super important and I'm never bored when reading about inspiring people, for me has been a great way to find people who make me want to be myself and be the best me possible. You can be inspired by the independent retailer who makes those cute scarfs you love to the girl who fights crime on even on school nights.. I want to be able to collect a cool list of awesome people answering honestly to serious and not so serious questions and maybe inspire you too!
  • Geek outs and nerdy goings on.
I'm nerdy and proud. My top 10 books include at least 3 wizards. My Wish Lists are mainly comics and anime. So you'll find quite a few related posts.

  • ..and the occasional photo story exploring personal style and life adventures.
Because who doesn't love a good #ootd? I'm big into selfies and have zero shame posting what I'm wearing- no matter the occasion. Exploring fashion, style and dressing up has been a passion of mine since I picked out my first denim skirt and Bart Simpson tee. So I'm all about posting pictures and being brave.

I am a big believer in radical and positive self love. So, this blog is dedicated to being able to be the best person you can be-being able to scream along to your favourite music, eat cake whenever you like and saying no to cake (and still being just as awesome).

So, hope you have a great time reading! Please feel free to also follow me on Twitter and Instagram: @this_sminks