Monday, 16 December 2013

She's so cool = Georgina (Cupcakes Clothes)


When I first discovered Cupcake clothes I was just googling for cute outfits and inspiration for my wardrobe. I didn't expect to find a site like Georgina's and I am of course far too happy that I did. Not only is it full of the most amazing and detailed outfit posts but it also features some extremely cute reviews, interesting craft inspirations and updates on the progression of her business Dolly Darling. I also have to say that when you visit Georgina's site you can not help but be inspired- everything she posts really reflects her own interests and styles.

Fashion blogs are something I used to be pretty obsessed with, especially person style blogs. I found after a while I was seeing too much of the same trends- nothing was personal, it was simply what was available to wear from whatever high street or high end. The best style blogs for me are the ones where the creator is actually showing you who they are through their clothes. I feel invested in seeing the evolution of a bloggers fashion journey if I can see a personality and not just a clothes horse. Georgina is defiantly a personality- she's Lolita, she can be punky/ grungy but she is always cute and she looks amazing in each style. Always true to herself. (She also makes a lot of her own clothes so of course I am all over that! Totally impressed.)

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