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5 Things that make me go OOOh: November recap

in november

November recap:

Artists most listened to

Branches- Thou art the dream (very lovely, folky and perfect for kicking leaves)
Eisley- Currents (their newest album still on repeat every day)
Fiona Apple- The idler wheel (possibly the most raw I've heard he and my favourite)

Movies watched

Wolverine (4/10)

Gritty and enjoyable enough to watch but oh my days, Jean Gray blah blah.. I do want to see more movies with Rila Fukushima however.

The usual suspects (original viewing 10/10 now... 8/10)

I re watched this movie and wasn't sure what to expect.. but I still love it, although there should be more Benicio del Toro his young face and accent... brilliant.

Other highlights

Reading project started, Birthdays and cake, vegan home cooked everything, making my own sushi, wearing tights and long socks, wearing slippers, staying in bed and watching good documentaries, drinking tea, dying my hair...

In pictures

1. My birthday.

Happy Birthday to me, I turned 30. Yes, the girl in the peter pan collar who owns more dolls now then she did when she was 7 in no longer in her 20's. I had a great birthday which actually turned into a birthday week. It ended with dodgem car action with lovely people and chips. 30 seems to be treating me exceptionally well. My outfit for my birthday was practically all Henry Holland and it was quite special.

2. I myself am strange and unusual.

I re watched one of my favourite all time movies from my child. Even though almost every part scared me I loved watching Beetlejuice each moment it was on TV. My grown up verdict is that the movie is still amazing. I love all the classic Tim Burton styles and Lydia is still a definite style icon.

3. Inspiration and challenges

Bob Done is a tattoo artist who makes me equal parts inspired and happy- his project 'do me a painting Bob started as a hash tag on Instagram when he set himself a challenge-
I think I will regret this but whatever I enjoy a challenge. Repost this with the hashtag#domeapaintingbob & @ me. And I will bust on over to your feed, check you out then do a small painting based on something I see, write your IG name on it and post it up. You don't get to request anything, you don't get the original, but you do get a painting done for you. I have no clue how many I'll be able to do but I'll try to do as many as possible. Because I'm nice like that.
 He has already completed a whole 24hr painting day and the tag just keeps building. I hope he compiles the paintings to a book, because each one is so original.

4. Dinosaurs and Woolly hats.

My favourite place to find tees to please my inner 5 year old is Primark's mens department. I found this nifty dino tee and snapped it up. I also recently found a tee covered in cats in multicolours. I think that I may request my marriage and death in this tee and I see no one objecting- it's that awesome. Also, please note that on any day when I want to sleep I will wear my comfort blanket red hat. A vintage H&M hat from my long ago teen days I have slept in this hat, been on travels and braved furious winds thank you big red.

5. Mix Cd's and making friends

Making friends is easy, I'm sure it is but I never seem to do it the easy way. I'm so clumsily awkward when I am trying to befriend anyone and I am pretty sure this is one of the reasons that folk stick around (its like I might be too odd not to love?) Recently I made a cd for a friend as she had never heard of Fiona Apple, I was hoping that this mix cd would clearly show how awesome I was and in return I asked for a mix cd. This cd by the way was beyond awesome. It even had a theme. One day I will post my golden mix cd rules because I absolutely love mix cd's, When people talk about their children I will talk about my play lists with as much conviction. It also never fails to make good friends. Try it I dare you!

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