Friday, 11 October 2013

6 Things that make me go OOOh

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I really love Autumn. I think that one of my earliest Autumn memories involved sitting under trees and asking about the colours fascinated and happy. I love conkers. I love scarfs. I love apple pie. I love wearing my boots and cold nights with hot water bottles.

How I plan to celebrate Autumn 2013.

1. Wearing the shades of the trees without fear,

For a reason of complete silly anxiety I find that I avoid the colour red- I think that it makes me angry. Of course. I am slowly starting to create a semi informal friendship with warmer hues in my wardrobe. I plan on buying things that feature reds, golds and of course those lovely mahogany browns. Will it cause me to jump out of my comfort zone of pastels and black? Yes. Scarily so. But I am willing to explore. I don't have to wear a complete outfit of scarlet after all... just a sniggly little smidgen.

2. Listening to wonderful French music,

I don't think that I automatically connected France and Autumn but over time I seem to just gravitate towards their friendship. Hidden as it may be... Each year when the season starts to change when I am dusting off my boots I am doing it to the sounds of a beautiful French soundtrack. This year- Emilie Simon is tinkering her electronic magic and I am in love with everything she does. Her debut album is the sound of my feet in leaves and my head in a hat.

3. Dying my hair a warmer shade,

Autumn means spiced things and spiced hair. I know when Spring and Summer are visiting when I am drawn to pastel shades and lighter colours. So now I am dying my hair reds, oranges, browns and golds... I am tying it up into knots and pinning my platted hair clumsily. I feel like having the ability to express the seasons through fashion should extend to every part of your being. My hair has always been a looking glass into who I am or how I am or even where I am, so each time the seasons change so do my locks.

4. Taking photos and having adventures,

Blackberry picking. Crushing leaves with my boots. Eating apples under trees. Reading books in the rain in my favourite cafe. Spiced tea in the park. My camera in my bag and my note pad for ideas.. I am adventuring and exploring and it never ever feels like a waste of any ones time. I love being able to pick a day and just go where I want. Each day is a fresh day to see a new colour or to witness fashion trends from passers by. I can people watch all day or travel to another city and see Halloween costumes. Autumn holds adventures.

5. Hanging out with ladies and loving my friends,

I get emotional at season changes- I always have. My Gran simply told me that it was natural and normal to feel that way when I was young and confused. I have leaned to embrace the emotional change and ride with it. Autumn makes me want to write letters and hold hands and celebrate- often more than Winter. So I am planning tea and cake days. I am plotting DVD nights in with home cooked treats. I am aware that I have awesome people in my life and making sure that they know it too.

6. Eating and living and making tummy cats,

I am not sorry for the food I eat during colder months. I am actually quite proud and happy. I am a soup fan, a stew admirer, a pie devotee, a muffin enthusiast.. I am all hot food and comfort. I think the best thing for a cold day is to curl up with a book, tea and something that sticks to your ribs and makes you rub your belly making happy noises. Good home cooked meals are my obsession during Autumn- I think that my Tupperware and jar collection grows twice it's size during these months. Storing leftovers and making meals from all manner of amazing things is better when the months end in 'ber'.

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