Monday, 28 October 2013

5 Things that make me go OOOh

end oct 5

I've been eating so many Autumn themed food things that I think that if I eat something without ginger, Cinnamon or chili I simply don't understand it at all. I've been spending a lot of my days off planning cosy days in with tea, junk movie marathons and blanket forts. Books. Lots of books. Of course, I will also be enjoying kicking leaves and drinking tea outside during this season.. I guess sometimes you just have to make sure you're cosy inside your room when those days happen. Watching the rainy days and keeping your socks dry.

5 Things to do if you want to spend Autumn indoors.

1. Indoors doesn't always mean spending time alone.

I think, if you know someone who can sit under a blanket for as long as you or someone who also thinks it is genius to watch back to back episodes of My So Called Life- it is a crime not to spend time with this person. Autumn days indoors are the perfect times to soak up the friendship. Cosy days in cosy clothes with friends is one of the best things in the whole world. Pizza nights watching the rain while doing nail art or simply listening to records all day in the same clothes you slept in. Do it with a friend you wont be disappointed. Think how awesome it is to chill out on your own, imagine how satisfying it is to know you aren't the only one who can do it like a boss.

2. Pick a favourite outfit and just wear it.

So what you're inside your nice warm house and the only other person who might see you is yourself. I am a firm believer in #OOTD. There is definitely no shame in simply putting on your best for the sake of wanting to look good for you. Sometimes wearing your favourite outfit is the best feeling in the world. Instagram it.

3. Step out on line.

What do I do on days when I want to squirrel away and zone out? I am a blog reading fiend. I will happily read articles and essays under a blanket for a few million hours. My favourite thing to do is to check up on Gala Darling's recommended links with her regular feature Carousel. It's where I found my favourite essay of the month by Petra Collins. Sometimes I step out of my comfort zone and find something that I never thought I'd enjoy. Blogs can often be an insight into a confessional or it can simply be a silly place to post the greatest collection of Nicolas Cage pictures.

4. Explore outside inside.

David Attenborough can quickly become your best friend and the best human you will never meet. He just has the best voice and the greatest interest in everything. It sounds cheesy but I fully admit that each time I watch an animal documentary my mind is blown. So what better way to spend a day but watching fantastic things and listening to the best voice in the world tell you everything you never knew. I am slowly working my way through other narrated documentaries too.

5. Escape into a book.

Switching off your laptop, your tv, your record player, your xbox- and hiding your phone. There is nothing as sweet as reading a book inside on a cold night. Comic books, fiction, non-fiction, your mums cheesy romantic classic, your sisters reading list.. When was the last time you re-read your favourite childhood classic? Sometimes I challenge myself to just picking up the nearest book and seeing where it takes me. Sometimes I literally just pick a book by it's cover and live with it. This coming year I am planning on a mammoth book challenge, something I have only ever dreamt of doing, so expect seeing updates on that soon.

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