Thursday, 16 May 2013

OOOh 6


5 Things that make me go OOOh #6


This week I have been looking at my eyebrows and then looking at my many many eyebrow creating kits and scrunching my face up. I am an eyebrow junkie. I love a good brow. I am obsessed with them. So the face scrunching and possible sighs that have been happening are not typical Lindsey behaviour. I do not sigh when I do an arched brow.. but it seems that perhaps I am. My attention is somewhere else. I have been seduced by heavy lashes, heavy black kohl and that sassy minx 'cats eye'. All I want to do is paint my eye lids and sit around listening to an endless mix of The Velvet Underground.

Karen O and Beth Ditto have nothing on Peggy. She can move like a snake and make a monokini look good. I think I love her for her poses as well as her creative make up- every angle is used.

 Signature look-
 Black, white and weird all over. 
 Kabuki like make up. Geometric shapes. Vidal Sassoon hair cut. 


Sometimes I think of Twiggy as that good little English girl. I forget that at the time her look was alien and unusual it's impossible to hate her. Just look at those eyes. Look at that bare nude lip. Her face is like a doll.

Signature look- 
Lashes upon lashes. 
Side swipe your hair. Add freckles. Colour block your wardrobe. 


I used to wish I was Goldie Hawn or at least had a best friend who actually might have been her. Everything about Goldie is giggly and fun and just so blonde. My main inspiration is anything she ever did in the 60's.. although maybe not the bikini and body paint.

Signature look-
Big lashes and big smiles.
Blonde cropped hair. Bows and floral patterns. Tanned skin. A huge smile.


When I imagine a classic beauty I imagine Jean Shrimpton. She has such a perfectly arched brow. The first supermodel she changed the face of fashion from being red lips, hips and bouffant hair to the real swing of the 60's.

Signature style-
Classic cats eyes times 1000.
Pale lips and a brown/blue blended eyeshadow. Soft smokey but heavy eyes. Lots of lashes. Bangs of bangs- super straight and long. 


Those eyes again. I know that in recent times Edie has become some kind of tumblr icon and tragic muse, which eventually can be over saturated and bored to death. Before you roll your eyes- remember those eyes. That lovely heavy lid with those amazing thick eyebrows. Edie was tragic but she also defined the 60's eye obsession. 

Signature style-
Black tights and big eyes.
Big shoulder dusting ear rings. Lashes and eye make up that takes 3 hours to do. Stripes. Hats. Mod everything. Black white and free. 


Andy and Edie in action- but what is art?!

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