Friday, 10 May 2013

OOOh 5

awesome 5

5 things that make me go OOOh #5

(because I'm awesome, that's why.)

Sometimes I really don't feel like I have to explain my actions. I'm eating a whole plate of broccoli and sweet chili sauce- why? Because I'm awesome, that's why. I'm spending my day watching you tube videos of things that make no sense- for what purpose? Because I'm awesome, that's why. I'm wearing a child's Halloween outfit-whats going on here? BECAUSE I'M AWESOME, THAT'S WHY! And, so this week's OOOh was born.

1. Cowboy cats and Cowboy cats butts.

I am a great believer that the more ridiculously ugly a piece of clothing is, the more it should be worn. I spent most of my youth in leggings and a tiger t-shirt. Everyone wanted to burn that damn tiger shirt by the 3 month mark and yes, it was hideous and just wrong on so many levels but you better believe I wore it with ugly pride. I own a lot of cat things, this could easily be explained if I owned a cat- but I don't. I choose to wear as many cats as I do simply because, well- Cats are awesome, that's why. Key board cat,  Grumpy cat, Sassy, and Maru I love them all. This tee not only has a cat dressed as a wild west characters but on the back there are cat butts. Cat butts. One is even wearing a garter. You will most likely be able to spot which one is Lindsey in a coffee shop by finding the girl hogging the wifi looking for cat garments on EBay. I have no cat shame.


I also want this bag

2. I want a wig, and I don't care.

Hey world! Look at me! Yes, I am wearing a hat made of hair and yes, this is clearly an unbelievable amount of actual hair to even look real but- there are some days when I wake up and all I want is pink curly shiny hair. Some days I want it to resemble something from a Rocco era painting- I want my hair to be bigger than my torso today okay. Deal with it. These things can not achieved by wishes and letters to the hair care fairy. You have to purchase the fake stuff. Wigs are something that I really secretly hope could be as common as a beanie when your hair is dirty and you're feeling lazy, but sadly in reality wearing a wig will most likely get me no where except that awkward situation where you have to actually explain your actions to an adult. There are some simply amazing wigs out there though, and there are people who also have my wig dream. They think of hair pieces and think 'that looks cool' and not 'what is that on your head'. Casual wig wear is happening people. There is hope. I really appreciate Gothic Lolita Wigs, it's a great site and contains some fun designs. You couldn't really call most of the designs subtle and that is the charm of the site. If you're going to wig up you should do it right.


Wig idol = Alexa Poletti

3. "..the possibility exists that there's a piece of corn on a floor somewhere "

Back in the days that I could explain my endless Internet K holes as 'research! I swear! It's a project for college' and LOL cats were very very young (LOL Kittens perhaps? Sorry that was bad-urgh, I feel dirty just typing that.) I found a website that actually made me laugh so hard that it hurt that kind of laughing where when you are not actually breathing you are laughing. You might snort too- it's cool. Hyperbole is the website of Allie Broosh, one of the only people in existence who can make me laugh for hours- no really HOURS. I sometimes catch myself thinking about something she wrote and just giggling from the memory. Recently she posted one of the most truthful, funny and honest posts about depression I've ever read. In fact if you were only going to read one thing about depression I would really make you read it. If you have ever suffered a time in your life where you have had depression or you have depressive episodes when you read her post (because honestly it's a complete crime if you don't) you will understand everything. Even the fish and especially the corn. Get your friends and family to read it to because depression is so casually used as an excuse for being sad, or can be just thrown around flippantly without meaning. Allie really accurately tells the story of how it is and can be. I hope it makes you laugh and I really hope it gives you an inside look or two.


Now read the funniest thing on the Internet ever. 

4. Giant Frida on my neck.

When I was 19 I became obsessed with Frida Kahlo. She was my hero. She didn't hide her facial hair and everything she painted made my heart flutter. At the time I was heavily inspired by anything riot grrl and Frida was my art riot grrl. From writing my name and hers inside a heart and weeping because I could not braid my hair due to it being short, it was an intense time to be Lindsey. So, when I see anything with her face or her art work I sigh and remember the love affair fondly. I think that I would happily wear this necklace my whole life. I am the biggest fan of chunky chains, handmade designs and colourful neck wear- so of course I am a big Tatty Devine fan. I have a fair few ear marked pieces that will be mine once can stop buying excessive amounts of broccoli and manage my finances like a boss. So, until then I will settle on buying this and telling everyone of the love of mono brows that once could not be said. 


I totes love Frida

5. It's not cartoons, okay. 

Channel 4 used to be the really dangerous sneaky teen with a dirty magazine kind of channel. It used to show things late into the night that you would whisper to your friends about the next day at lunch break. There was a time it was the only way that I could see anime- although I had no idea what I was watching and was mighty confused that animation was being shown at that time of night. It was my introduction to cartoons that may not actually be cartoons. Mainly Japanese (although I do love a good Korean anime too) and featuring people with eyes abnormally big. I am now very much an anime junkie (no, I will not give myself the title of otaku). I have 4-5 series that I swap between watching. Yes, I like a lot of teenage drama anime, but I try not to keep myself too Shōjo and moe so that you wont roll your eyes at me and ask what my real age is. I do however love Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun with a deep fierce pride. When looking for a new anime I like to try to include one or more of the following- 1. Strong female lead characters, 2. School/ work drama- with romance, 3. A cat. Thankfully My little monster has 2 of these things (and it has a rooster so, it at least has an animal.) I would recommend watching it if only to see a TV show that is reflective of that awkward situation of not having friends growing up or having to some how make friendships happen. Fun times for all. 


I am full of love for this series too. 

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