Saturday, 4 May 2013

OOOh 4

girl gang

5 things that make me go OOOh #4

(Grrl Gang)

I'm going to be honest with you, this week I have been buying things, eating things, looking at many many things and I have defiantly been going OOOh more than once... but nothing makes me go OOOh as much as a really good tune and somewhere I can dance and yes, possibly sing along really really loudly. This OOOh is brought to you straight from my Itunes. Straight from my grrl gang play list. Straight from my collection of bad best friends.

Land of Talk were for the longest time my go to for distorted guitars and lullaby vocals back when I would commute for an hour by train each day. There was no other way to make me face another old man eating something that smelt dead and smiling though it. Elizabeth Powell the lady with the trusting and ferocious purr is embedded into the Montreal music scene, she basically front the whole of the band. Writing, singing and composing all the songs herself, it's easy to say she is Land of Talk. My favourite song by them is Some are lakes, because it really is such a great example of how a persons vocals can be an instrument to the song- I can hardly tell what any of the lyrics are to this song but you better believe that I am singing along to the WHOLE song, making it up and lalaing it till the end. 

To see her sing this song live is to really feel happiness. 

Kate Nash and I have a history, a history that involves gig tickets, nights of regret and finally holding her hand- but that's for another story and perhaps a late night and a cup of wistful tea. All I want to do right now is hug her brain and never let it go. I think the best thing about an artist like Kate Nash is that she is very very transparent. Everything she does- she does it with her whole self. She is a feminist- one of the best modern examples of one and a realist with brutal honesty in each lyric. She made me stage dive. What? You don't see that? Are we thinking about the same Kate Nash- she ate too many lemons, but that was so very long ago- shes now Death Proof and creating a girl gang revolution. Yes I imagine she still plays her piano- she is fantastic behind those keys but she also now plays a very mean, sexy bass guitar. Her hair is teased black and blonde and her lips are so red your going to run to grab your Lime Crime Velveteens as soon as you hear her sing. Grrl Power.


This interview is everything you need to know right now about how much I love her.

I used to live by the sea and listening to Best Coast makes me wish I was back there- even though if I was honest I am intensely afraid of the sea and while I lived in this sea side town I did not have the happiest of times. When I put on any of their songs all I want to do is pack my bags and move back there and be warm and wear shorts. Bethany Cosentino makes me swoon for many many different reasons, but I think her love of keeping it simple and keeping it real is what I love most. Every Best Coast song is just a 'tell it like it is' kind of song, there is little to no under laying story. It's summer, it's nice be happy. It's sad you're not here I am bummed out. Sometimes you just need to be able to kick back and listen to someone singing about how much they like to live in a sunny place. 


Let her bring a damn dog on the bus guys! 

The best feeling in the world is being hugged by a Tut. No, really it is. I managed to hug Nadia and it was like a unicorn exploded in to stardust. There has been a Tut shaped hole in my music collection for far to long and I am so glad these girls are making music so I can dance in my living room and dream of playing my own guitar. It's hard to describe there music other than fun and needed- reminds me of how I always wanted girls and guitars to sound like. If you get the chance please see them live because you really wont be disappointed and you will leave with a few happy souvenirs and possibly a hug.


When they do shows they also wear matching outfits so whats to hate?

Chelsea and Justine are sisters, they are also masters of dream pop and perfect bangs. I like to imagine the even when recording there music they were full 50's/ 60's dresses and perfect hair. Signed up to Burger Records (one of my obsessions for good music no matter who you listen to) just watching one of their videos will make you smile for the rest of the day. Who doesn't appreciate a band that takes over a record store and turns it in to an arts and crafts event for girls? Not only do they have a fair few recordings under their vintage belts but they have also just completed a mini tour in Japan. Their music is like a cool glass of strawberry lemonade on a sunny day. Knowing that there are girls out there that play music from dreams is just too good.


And there is still more to come!

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