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She's so cool = Lauren Winzer

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I am afraid of everything under the sea but I am in love with a mermaid tattoo artist from Australia. When I look at Lauren Winzer's work I have that excited giddy feeling that what I am looking at is a special kind of art. Like bubbles from a sip of cola when you're not supposed to have carbonated drinks. Exciting and new and so refreshing I could seriously drink up each piece of work she has ever done. Her work is individual and her style very unique and you can see it almost instantly in each piece, like a story she never looses the character she gives to each tattoo- and that just adds a cherry to her cola. She describes her work as 'Hyper cute 90's pop with bright colours and traditional thick lines.' It really is more than that- it's magic on skin. 

3 ways that make Lauren Winzer so cool.
1. She's a smart cookie, every interview I have read about her she is so eloquent I want to kiss my computer screen and thank her- 'look! She tattoos has bright hair and she knows her stuff about actual world issues!'. I find that the girls that I admire share their intelligence with their individuality be it through art, style or simply through their hair colour. Lauren is a prime example. One of the best quotes I found from her-
If you could change one thing about society, what would it be and why? 
Aesthetic appearances that affect job opportunities needs to stop. It's ridiculous. I worked in an office doing data and orders for a large corporate stationary company and I got the job showing no tattoos and had naturally coloured hair and I was a great worker, then I started showing my tattoos and my hair got really fruity and I was just as good a worker! It doesn't affect anything and it's so common for people to look individual it just blows my mind that that could stop somebody from being employed.
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2. Evolution and constant creative growth in any art discipline is like walking on a tight rope, made of knives with your eyes closed. People love you because you do what you do- why should you change it? How dare you change it! Well, I admire Lauren because she does just that- she is changing and evolving and it is so refreshing to see that you almost want to grow your own wings. Crystals in pastel on everything wrapped in hyper cute 90's colours and kawaii girl culture may be her signature style but you can see when she pushes herself and when you see something new- she still has the same raw theme of who she is behind the piece. I am excited to see where she will go and I am equally excited because it is happening so organically through her work. She ain't changing for no body but her self. 
3. In a profession where you will most likely be asked to be able to draw/ create something that looks like the work of someone else EVERYDAY, where you offer your services for money because you know how much your work is worth and people STILL think it's okay to barter and in a profession where you are often looked at as being divergent because of your sex- it is too cool to see the rolling amounts of positive quote from people who have met Lauren, interviewed her or had work by her. Having a good attitude and being generally kick ass is of course something that instantly makes me swoon. I think some of my favourite blog posts by Lauren are of her answering fans questions or out takes of her and her girl friends relaxing in onsies. I will always admire someone who likes just being themselves and sharing a goofy picture on line with other people. After all, I do it all the time too.

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...and now you think she's so cool so here's the Linkage, now do the lovin'.

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