Saturday, 27 April 2013

She's so cool = Esther Kim

esther 2

Sometimes I have an unexplainable girl crush- I will see some wonderful lady in platforms and pom poms and my little heart explodes with unexplained joy- I cant help it and I often cant really articulate the reason why, other times those sneaky girl crushes are easy to decipher. My love for Esther Kim is really easy to explain. I started to swoon at her art work when I collected copies Nylon magazine like rare Pokemon cards. She really does remind me of a Nylon girl, she art gives me a tooth ache in the best ways possible.

3 ways that make Esther Kim so cool.
1. An illustrator and designer who explains her influences as " Daily life, fashionable girls and laughter", so already we're besties- because really that's the best influences to have for art. Her artwork makes me think of tumblr and lipstick. You could easily see the girls she draws on the streets of Tokyo or Paris wearing something they just threw on after a slumber party or night of adventures.  
2. She writes and illustrates on line for Nylon Japan- quite possibly the best mix of everything in one sentence. One of my favourite things to see is her almost regular outfit posts- each painting is labelled with cute facts about the day she's had or where she may have bought pieces and these are often posted on her Nylon blog. Each outfit is a mini inspiration capsule.  
3.She introduced me to some of other crush worthy girls- via her blog and her writing with Nylon Japan Esther always takes time to showcase artists she admires. I always feel like I'm sneaking a peep into someones mental fridge when I can look at the people who influence them or who they might think are worth a look. 


...and now you think she's so cool so here's the Linkage, now do the lovin'.

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