Friday, 12 April 2013

OOOh 1

spring 5

5 Things that make me go OOOh #1

 (Spring is here)

This week I have been mostly spent in a floral pastel haze, uncovering my dusty eyes to the sunshine (well the glimpse of it). Its spring, no really it is- there was an announcement and I’m pretty sure that someone semi famous tweeted about not wearing tights for the first time in months.

I’ve been waiting for warmth on my shoulders since January so to be fair I will take any excuse to wear shoes instead of boots. You may say that I am a spring optimist but I am not the only one… shops and online lovelies have been teasing me with the possibilities of a warmer season. It isn’t my fault guv’ I was provoked.

  1. Jelly shoes and plastic footwear

Now, I’m pretty sure that I would wear Jelly shoes every day no matter whatever the weather but alas after the melting of my last pair (they were perfect-pink, pointed and glittery it was oh so tragic) I have yet to actually see any of these shoes that have made me go OOOh. Of course I want Melissas (who doesn’t want a bit of Viv on your toes), but I also want some pink scrappy 10p shoes that I can buy one day and wear to Blackpool pleasure beach. Cheap Jellies with hearts of gold.

Cheers Mr Shoe for making my scrappy dream come true- I will be wearing these till my feet start to protest and my friends finally question if they really can go with every outfit I own. (By the way, the transparent boots on the same site are freaking amazing)


  1. Wooden kittens doing unbelievable things

I am an Etsy addict and I am also a secret cat (no, not a cat lady- an actual cat. It’s been proven. Ask around everyone knows). So I am going to buy all your handmade cat stuff. This little gem is made by Eveys Designs (currently selling a small collection of wooden pieces but each one is so damn cute you will be smitten). I’m going to wear it on my spring coat and we will glare at my winter coat challenging it to dare to be worn again.


  1. Beach music and bands named after animals I wished existed.

Listening to Seapony could make you hop into your best friends car on a road trip to the beach… or across America… or maybe at least to somewhere further than the corner shop. Lazily leaning your head on the back of the warm car seat and watching the world roll by. Wearing your new old sundress. Heart shaped glasses. Boyfriend blues. Bubble gum, pulp novels and old film cameras in your purse. It just twinkles with adventure on every track. I don’t think I will ever learn to surf but when I listen to Seapony I feel like maybe I could if I wanted to, or at least have beach hair. When I listen to their newest album (Falling) I am instantly wearing flowers in my hair and thinking about never leaving that comfortable spot in the sun in my living room, you will find me there making scrap books like Tavi Gevinson. 


  1. Cake smells that I can never eat.

Yankee freaking candles. Spring nights with my favourite book and things that smell like you are in a French bakery. I am convinced that the creators of these magical jars of wondrous smells are actually warlocks with powers that hopefully will never be used for evil. I think that I could happily spend my wages each month on candles. I could happily spend my wages, your wages and your mum’s wages on candles and I would regret nothing. I would smell like a unicorn and never be caught out in a black out. This month is all about the Bunny. It’s pink; it smells like cake and its limited edition. If you own it, I am convinced you own a piece of happiness. If you are lucky to have a sniff of it- you will know why I need it.  


  1. Oversized everything and your Grams Sunday best.

I a sorry to disappoint but I am not wearing hot pants/ denim cut offs with half my beautiful bum hanging out this Spring. That was so last year, it was also pretty much all everyone ever wore under the legal age to do anything.. but like, with tights or leggings.. sometimes. I will be dressing in something my gran would want to steal for bingo nights and I will be teaming that up with a over sized ‘she’ll grow into it eventually’ shirt. I will be the toddler/ old woman hybrid but with floral prints that may cause you to stare at for hours. I will be the sunshine in the form of a girl. Everything will be school holidays and socks with sandals.   



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