Friday, 26 April 2013

OOOh 3


5 Things that make me go OOOh #3

(Not just for kids)

That end of April beginning of May feeling makes me ridiculously nostalgic. Are you having those 'should I wear my coat today' thoughts? Ah, those heady sunny daydreams of waking up and not applying several layers just to go to the corner shop. When I was a wee teen in my North Eastern village life, Spring time was the time you could officially go to school without the huge uncomfortable 2 sizes to big coat and actually wear something that came in colours (actual colours and no, dark brown and navy do not count sorry Mum). You will still see me now, wrapped in glee with the simple thought of jacket weather. May is one of my favourite months, not only does it have the most polite name of all the months but it is the easiest to spell and well...

No other month begins or ends on the same day of the week as May in any year
 So, that really just means it's the unicorn of months really. Deal with it and get your goodbye kisses April, you have been pretty damn sweet but May is my month to be young (no matter what my age). Lets go on adventures! 

1. Imperfections to be proud of

I'm not your average make up lover, but lets be real- who is average and counts make up as something they love. When I was growing up, my mother let me play with any and of her forgotten make up pallets (I climbed trees in red lipstick for more than a week when I was 11). I was convinced at one point that make up artistry was going to be my part time profession (after all I'd need a break from being an author). So, it's really no surprise that I am attracted to brands that are creative and at times just that little bit risqué. That's why it just makes sense that I own all the products from llamasqua by the end of this year. Especially their imperfection line. There might be some kind of rule somewhere for this. Freckles on my nails needs to happen.


10 outta 10 baby.

2. "I can't think without my glasses."

I am also limited to the accuracy of how I eat and the straightness of my walk without my glasses, but Vivian Westwood is right- without my spectacle friends my thoughts just go on strike. I started wearing Glasses when I was in my mid teens (after a fair few years of being told to and then finally giving in due to lack of actual trustworthy sight). I am pretty attached to my eye wear. I think that I share the useful skill of being almost unrecognisable without them, I'm no Clark Kent but I can make you double take if I take off my lenses. Being a girl in glasses has more perks when you reach a certain age, and being able to wear glasses because they not only stop you from walking into other people but also as an expression of fashion is something everyone can be happy about. Cats eyes, rimless, retro, wayfarer, metal, plastic and even wood- glasses are more than something for your peepers to look through.  I want these glasses, I also want to wear my hair up and not look like I only did it because my hair is dirty and I want to be able to do my eyeliner in the dark. You gotta have goals.

(FYI cosplaying as a naughty secretary/ librarian holds no interest for me, and I rarely meet anyone who wears glasses for life who actually has ever dressed up as this. Just say no kids).


Yeah, I look at eye wear blogs.. Its totally okay to do that.

(Pppssssttt this ones the best but it is no longer being updated, le sigh.)

3. Screw you, I'm a cat

Okay, one of the new paper chase ranges out this month is called 'Pushy cats'. I know they are not saying that the cats use sailor type language or that they are actually in any way aggressive and need to be sat in the corner and think about what they've done (if I was a pushy cat I would let you know about it). These cats however are of the cute and playfully hand drawn variety. Each time paper chase brings out something new I am reminded of each time my Mum let me pick my own pencil case on my own- the sheer excitement of new stationary makes me giddy. I am pretty sure that I will own at least 3 pieces from this range. I am also equally sure that I will be buying them with the expectation that maybe the someone else will agree that if a cat could a cat most certainly would tell you where to stick it at least once a day. Cats are awesome like that. Don't mess with them.


Cats cats cats.

4. Bracelet evolution

I want this bracelet. I want it but I think it may be because of all the wrong- but feels right kind of reasons. There was a time where the only size of band t-shirt you could get was big enough to house a small family in. There was also a time where it was not only acceptable but desired to wear a hat backwards and want to be Fred Durst. This was the same time I wore a standard of 20 bracelets on one arm and refused to take them off even to get washed. Now that my wrists are visible I can now coordinate my outfits a little bit better. I often feel that familiar pull towards Claire's accessories, you know the section... (jelly bracelets should and will make a come back, just so you know). When this happens I look to Etsy and instantly I avoid all questions of what member of Korn is my favourite. Can a girl who once made a beaded necklace only out of heart shaped plastic fluorescent beads be as this chic? Yeah, why not- I can always wear the beads another day.


Totes veganising this because I'm cool, that's why.

5. No jelly please.

American food both scares me and makes me sigh with an impressed fat kid longing. This product is very much the second option. I want it. I really really do. Right now, there are two foods that I will eat no matter what way and what time I am offered them: one is the green unicorn of vegetables also known as broccoli, and the other comes in a jar and can be offered on a cracker, or just on a spoon.. peanut butter. This week I ate peanut butter straight from a jar and I had no regrets. Next week I could be adding it to tea. The ultimate gluten free vegan snack, without all the 'what the hell are you eating is that real food' that I am used to getting. If possible I would most like to try it on broccoli. No, really.


Head explodes

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