Friday, 19 April 2013

OOOh 2

5 Things that make me go OOOh #2

(Season of the witch)

When I was 7 years old all I wanted to be was Roald Dahl. No, Not Matilda, or even Sophie from the BFG (even though I really wanted that yellow dress). I wanted to be the man himself, with grey hair and possible old man crotchety attitude. He was a wizard, he was magic and I wanted in on that. I spent my childhood trying to cast home made spells and pestering inanimate objects to move with my mind (one Sunday afternoon well spent I can confess). I was practising my broom flying and trying to get published. I didn't even have Harry Potter and all his shiny merchandise, I made most of my witching gear from black sugar paper and glow in the dark stars.

Being a witch is something that no one out grows, as I grew up I wore out my Craft VHS and started to listen to Kate Bush. I had Sabrina and Charmed (I mean, they hired Rose freaking Mcgowan to be a witch on TV. Thanks WB you made my teen girl crush dreams come true). I don't think I will ever forget what its like to light a candle at midnight or paint my nails black. Will you?

1. Its all in the cards

I am in love with this collection. Oh, The Wild Unknown you are quite clever. Tarot was the first thing I really connected to when I dabbled with divination. I feel the need to live on the moors and mix brews when I look at this collection.. but at the same time I think I could easily be an underground tattoo artist in New York with a fresh buzz cut and this pack of lovelies in my vintage satchel. Each design is a miniature art print with a plethora of meanings. I love that the imagery is non human, it really makes me want to wink at creator Kim Krans and thank her for that. Cheers Kim, makes me want to run with my inner spirit animal.

I think I may have to collect and decorate my house in tarot.

2. Light as a feather, stiff as a board.

The Wild Ones are my new favourite. Sorry friends, I will be playing this debut album for my whole summer. Get used to it. I will be drinking milk shakes (hazelnut milk natch) and writing Luna Wild One on all my notes books. I will be dusting off my pencil skirts and flipping the bird whenever I get the nerve. I feel like black eyeliner and best friends forever when I listen to each track. Download an instant slumber party via their band camp and get on this.

Totes on facey too

3. Smells like grass stains and adventures

Dandelions might just be the happiest and most hated flower for those who grew up in the same small North East village as I did. If you picked a dandelion you were cursed with bed wetting. Instantly. A fate worse than missing an episode of art attack. Tragic. To see the first glimpses of this happy little yellow fluffy flower was to see the first glimmer of spring. Rollie pollies and cartwheels in the sunshine. I like to imagine that washing in dandelions sounds magical, even if I must admit that I would fear the state of my mattress if I did so.

Maybe I should just drink it.

4. The best kind of rock for your neck.

Handmade anything is my favourite type of everything. Precious and handmade is even better. I think that owning a piece of jewellery by Barbara C. Pellegrino would be a most wonderful type of magic. Each piece is cleansed and ready to absorb all the positive energy you can give it... and if you follow her instagram you know your next selfie will be perfect wearing one of her designs.

The Uniques are where the wild things are.

5. Never let me go.

Flo, you gotta lot to answer for. Oh, I have loved the vintage flowing fabrics that Florence Welch has pranced on stage in.. who hasn't really? The white demon dress of Glastonbury made me swoon for days after ward. I was a happy hippy witch with stars in her eyes and dreams of red hair. Each year when Spring/Summer is hinting at my wardrobe Miss Selfridge knows I will spend my money at their tills. Last year was prints and a 60's 90's teen dream. This year I am dancing in fields and wishing I could afford more than fake flowers to make a crown. Pretty magical you will agree.

No lions in this wardrobe but well worth a click for inspiration.

Need further witchy reading- you need Gala Darling of course.

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